Silvana is a Brazilian artist based in São Paulo, Brazil. She was born in Bahia, immersed in an artistic environment, from a family of prominent visual artists. Silvana started painting in her early ages, and for many decades, she has developed and put forth her artistic vision and inspiration. 

For 35 years, she built a career as a Business Strategist and Innovator, trailing alongside an academic experience as a Graduate Professor and a PhD. 


Since 2017, when her Studio was built, she has been dedicated full time to her art.


Silvana attended the Art School of the Federal University of Bahia during 1974-1976, where she was coached by major figures of the University, expanding the study of portrait through the exploration of techniques such as dry pastel, charcoal, and oil painting. In the 80’s, she devoted herself to modern and abstract art influenced by artists from the reputable ‘Escola Brazil’, in São Paulo. 


Nowadays she has been engaged in the Art Queen Society, guided by Paulo Pasta at Tomie Ohtake Institute. Furthermore, her art career has been coached by the Curator Marcelo Salles, owner of Casa Contemporânea, and refined her technics with Elias Murad - from GARE Cultural.


Her work has been hosted in private collections in Brazil and United States and engaged in collective art exhibitions at the Tomie Ohtake Institute.


Throughout years, she has worked primarily with oil on canvas and dry pastel, painting nature and imagens from Bahia.