I am a Brazilian artist born and raised in the state of Bahia, which is considered the heart of the country, and my personal paradise. I currently live in São Paulo's surroundings, in a region immersed in the Atlantic forest, place which I source most of my inspiration, tropical, bright and exuberant. I paint the Nature I perceive from the outside and the one I revive from my childhood memories. 


Nature is the place where my Spirit rests: the sunset, the forests, the breeze, the beauty, the flowers, the sea, all that nurtures and heals all human beings. Nature is at the same time outside and within. It's the ecology that shapes our beings. This is to remind people that these are the real treasures that humankind must care for and leave as a legacy for the generations to come.


My art is deeply impacted and inspired by nature. The pursuit of contrast and vibrant colors are the basis of my expression. It all starts with an idea, by sketching and laying out the pieces. Then, the canvas, the oil, the palettes, it all begins... a lot of experimentation takes place, through the mixing of colors, background and foreground contrast, and the balancing of all the elements. The energy of brush strokes, at times, are guided by the canvas, and the painting reveals itself throughout the process that consists of uncovering, discovering and unveiling...


My purpose as an artist is to depict the essence of Nature, our source of life and healer of souls. To be the mean for its powerful vivacity, in order to bring the awareness of its crucial role to our existence. It must be cherished, celebrated, and preserved. 


Nature is my place of peace, bliss and reconnaissance. Nature is my Sanctuary!